Open new tab and "switch to it" when clicking on a link


I really wish we had the option to have Brave open a new tab and switch to it when we click on a link to open a new webpage.

It opens the new webpage in a new tab but then I have to manually switch to the new tab.

It would be so nice to have an option in the settings that would change the behavior to open link in new tab and “switch to it.”

Please and thanks,


You did not mention if you’re asking for this for desktop or mobile, though i assume you want both : )

Not the optimal solution for the desktop, but you can
a) Shift-middle-click to open link and switch to that tab

b) Shift-left-click to open link in new window and switch to it.

c) Ctrl-shift-left-click to open link and switch to that tab
(if (a) doesnt work for you, as in you dont have a middle button).


I’m thinking about the desktop more specifically because that’s what I usually use to do web browsing.

I’m using a MacBook Pro which doesn’t have a middle mouse button. You’re right it’s not the optimal solution because it’s not available for laptop users.

Plus, it misses the point of a one click action to do what I’m asking for, something that most other browser have by default or as an option.