Bat from the brave browser rewards account is not reflected on the uphold wallet

My uphold wallet its been authorized already but there are several deliveries blocked for months, the last payment of April has already been discounted in my browser but it isn`t reflected in my account either

support don`t answer me…

attaching screenshots

Hi @gatopol you can read and follow this post by Support. It has instructions on what you should check now , and what to do if your problems continue after the payout process is complete .

Thanks @saereV , but they always say the same thing and this problem has not been solved for months, and they don’t answer either. They seem to select those they just like…

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I think I understand the frustration, @gatopol; my newness likely bolsters my optimism. I hope the process goes smoothly, and that for those who remain with some issue afterwards, their problems get resolved quickly - myself included should I fall into the latter :upside_down_face:
I do wish you good luck and quick resolution :crossed_fingers:

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Thank you very much for your reply.

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