BAT is not transferred to Uphold from the browser

I received 8BAT to my account, now I want to link the Uphold wallet to receive them. But Bat is not transferred to my wallet. I already need to earn 25BAT on my PC so that I can receive them?

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Payments are still processing - April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.

I have not received a payment from the browser. I have already received a payment to an unverified wallet, but I wanted to transfer it to Uphold by linking my wallet. But it is not transferred. Therefore, I’m wondering if there are any limits like for Android.
I saw somewhere on the forum that I can transfer BAT from an unverified PC wallet if I have 20 BAT

Can someone tell me why yesterday i had 1.000 bat and today i have 0.800? Thanks

I have already received Bat on an unverified wallet. Now I linked Uphold to it and it is not automatically credited to the account.