One-Time Unblock specific element on any page

Better showing than explaining :

1/ click on an article from twitter

2/ video cannot be launch (img1) because there’s too many trackers on it and Brave actually doing his job (img2)

3/ how could I watch this video by unblocking its trackers, and still block others trackers on the page ?

That’s the point with this request :slight_smile:

Okay, fixed incoming. Give it 24-48hrs.

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Cool, thx.

But my request was not about this specific website, I meant a function allowing a “onetime-unblock” for specific content on any page.

I mean this, but reverted

Sorry if I’m not clear enough, english is not my mother tongue :grimacing:

You can disable the shields on that specific page, which will allow the video to play. But also would allow ads and trackers to be loaded.

Block element is just cosmetic, hiding white space. No effect on this site.

I may need to recheck this site, more fixes to get the video to play