Can't find element to block on youtube


I’ve been trying to solve this, but I’m not good at reading HTML and have just been blindly poking at things.

I’m trying to use the element blocker to stop channel trailers from appearing; everything I’ve tried either breaks the site or does nothing.

Win10 Home
Version 1.44.108 Chromium: 106.0.5249.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thanks for your time


Try updating Brave to latest version; Open brave://settings/help, click on the version, download the setup file, then install.

Instead of ‘block element’, try ‘manage custom filters’ for your region.

“Channel trailer”, like the video that plays when go to some channels?
Because cosmetics will only hide the video, they won’t block it, and then the audio would still play in the background if the video autoplays.
Cosmetics only inject a css property “display: none !important” to the element.
I used which hides what I think is what you mean channel trailers, but since I am not signed in or anything, I don’t know if it breaks anything, and the video still plays unless I set youtube to block the autoplay and then that means clicking every video.

But yeah, only Network filters block, but since they are youtube videos, you can’t block them that way either, you would need something that can modify things, like an extension or userscript, since they are able to inject any JS or stop things and all that.

But talking about Cosmetics and Element pickers, if you still wanted to use them, it is better if you use use DevTools anyway and manually make your Cosmetics because you can pick any attribute in the HTML element, which element pickers are not smart about.
And Brave can use any native css selector

Not all the selectors work or are useful for an adblocker from the : ones, usually the ones p: are the ones that would make more sense to use.

In some cases using these selectors won’t be enough, so we have to wait for Brave to support Procedural Cosmetics, which a Brave’s team member said on on reddit it is coming soon:

Anything more complex would need support for procedural filters (coming soon)


Sorry for the late reply, need to turn on notifications.

@CerealLover It’s updated

@Emi Yeah that’s what I mean. That’s about where I gave up, finding a way to hide the trailer but it kept to autoplaying in the background. I’ll look around for userscripts; if I’m understanding this right that’s sounding the cleanest way to get rid of channel trailers. Thank you very much!

Yes. Cosmetics only hide elements so they will never be able to do what you want.

So you need to use some Javascript-injection that can really change the behavior of things in a webpage, maybe a youtube extension can do it or Tampermonkey with a userscript. Because the problem will always be the autoplay, maybe an extension or userscript can stop it and then use cosmetics to hide it, but cosmetics alone are not for blocking.

I mean just installing seems to stop that behavior by default with no way to make channel trailers autoplay (which I won’t complain about). But that extension is really good, I used to use it in the past a lot, it even has a way to inject scripts in youtube and all now.

This one has nice features too, with the option to stop the channel trailer autoplay without affecting the player’s autoplay

Similar but different, but it shows there are many extensions available just to do that. I didn’t see any userscript for this though. so it seems only extensions are useful.

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I turned on notifications this time and they just didn’t work so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I got the first extension and so far it works perfect, many thanks!

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