Number of Tabs allowed

This question is not difficult to answer. If you open Windows Task Manager and click on Processes, you’ll see that Brave grabs approximately 34k bytes of memory for each browser tab opened and (unlike Firefox) releases that memory as you close each tab. As I have 16 gigabytes of RAM in my machine, I can easily keep 60+ tabs open without difficulty which I normally do. I’ve never reached the limit so I don’t know what happens if I do reach the limit. If anyone has, a post on what happens would be appreciated. Thanks Brave and users. It’s one of the best browsers out there.

I believe @sampson’s in-depth answers in the thread below answer your question in a way. It looks like using Brave with many open tabs consumes less memory than if you have fewer open tabs, so reaching the “limit” shouldn’t be a concern at all.


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