Task Manager showing Brave Browser (42) w/high memory usage w/4 tabs & support page open

Description of the issue:

Closing down Brave and opening 4 old tabs, and then this tab to give the error (so 5 in total) when I look at Task Manager, Processes Tab, I have Brave Browser (40) and almost 70% of the CPU time taken. I should only have 5 tabs open, not 40 or 41 or 42. These tabs are text tabs, like reading an article without any movies, streaming, games.

This issue happens the same with many tabs opened.

I would expect that the Brave Browser, instead of 40 or 41 tabs in the Processes area of Task Manager, would have those many or maybe a couple of more and not using that much memory.

Brave (up to date) is Version 1.43.89 Chromium: 105.0.5195.102 Official Build 64-bit


Brave, Chrome, and other browsers built on the same architecture will spawn multiple pages like that as a security measure. It’s called sandboxing. If a specific process is compromised or stalls out, the browser can close that one process down without crashing the browser.

As for high CPU processing, I can’t address that specifically.

Try disabling all extensions, as stated because Chrome (and thus Brave) is a multiprocess application, every tab, every extension will have its own process thread. So seeing 20,30+ processes is expected (the more extensions used that more processes used).

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