Phone Changed Cannot Login To My Old Account

I have changed my phone. please tell me the procedure to login to my previous account on my new phone for my brave browser

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The easy way I see this as a possibility is if you had some sort of network backup for apps and you can use the app backup on the new phone. It’s also possible if both phones are jailbroken you could transfer the data files over. Otherwise at this time, you can only spend all the bat on the old phone, it seems.

HI @irfanbhat58,
Can you elaborate on what you mean by log into old account? Are you referring to your browser wallet/Uphold?

Yes i mean to say i had registered on brave browser for my old phone using this email and i want the same on my new phone and it shows me cannot connect to uphold unless you have 25 BAT but i have already withdrawn many times


There is no “register” for Brave browser. When you use Brave you can create a wallet to use Brave Rewards. You can then link/verify that wallet to an Uphold account. For your Uphold account, you will need an email and other information to KYC your account.
When you say register/email, I believe you are referring to Uphold. But note - Uphold and Brave are not the same.
Uphold allows you to backup your funds or transfer BAT from your wallet. It is not needed to use Brave Rewards.
Since you mentioned your phone, I’m going to assume you’re on Android. To connect your Android wallet to your Uphold account you need a minimum balance of 25 BAT to connect.
If you move onto a new phone and create a new wallet. You have to then earn another 25 BAT before you can connect again to Uphold. Therefore you then have 50 BAT.
Yes, we understand this is not ideal, and we are working to make changes.

Unfortunately, seems thats how brave browser works, even if you have linked different devices with your account, it will show goos as brand new just like what you said, you will start from zero.

Not so sure if it works if you transfer your brave data folder to your new phone from the old one.

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