Not fair..receiving ads but not BAT

Now I got upset with Brave. I cannot receive BAT because UPHOLD does not allow me to have a verified account with it. Ok, I will not receive any new BAT due to the new Brave rewards rule that requires an account in uphold (gemini is not available to me), HOWEVER, I was expecting to not receive any ads, but ads continue to appear !!!



Did you make sure to turn off Brave Rewards in settings?

Go to Settings
Click Brave Rewards at the top
Turn off Brave Ads

Why are you even still running Brave?

Switch to another browser. There are far better products out there. Go check out Vivaldi for one. No ads, strong privacy settings, built in mail and calendar. A far superior product in my opinion and no underhandedness like Brave who promises everybody they will get paid while they know most will never get anything out of it even though they themselves were paid by the advertisers.


they probably did that move to allow all the coins to circulate and not just stay around to boost its value

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