Odd Behaviors - Joomla User

Two issues, which I do not understand how to solve, using Joomla with Brave:

  1. Home page banner does not show on one website (shows on other browsers).
  2. An update process does not “recognize” when I’m logged into the associated website.

Issue 1 - Visiting the home page of one of my Joomla websites (I don’t know if I should share it on a public forum) does not show the site banner on the left side. I have about 20 other near-identically designed websites which do not have that problem. The logo displays on all other browsers I have installed (Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge). It also displays on all my mobile browsers, except Brave). I inspected the underlying code, but could not see anything wrong.

Issue 2 - I use a Component called Community Builder in Joomla. They have an unusual process for updating their internal plugins. When updates are available, they don’t use the Joomla process - they have an administrator module to show them. When I click on one of the plugins listed, It goes to a page where I can install them - but it will only allow me to install them when I’m logged into their website on another tab. It apparently “detects” that I’m logged into their site. In Brave, it will not detect that I’m logged in, and won’t allow me to update the site. I have to go to Chrome and run through the process.

I understand these two issues are unrelated, but they’re both issues with Joomla, so I thought it might help others searching using the keyword Joomla.

Actual result is as described above.

Expected result is as described above.

Reproduces every time.

Windows 10; Version 0.67.124 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I apologize for multiple posts (this is my third). I wanted to divide each one into separate posts because they are entirely unrelated (as far as I can tell) and would likely have different solutions.

I’m eager to make Brave my default browser. Last time I tried, about a year ago, I ran into these and other problems that I could not resolve, so I had to return to Chrome. Hopefully, I can get help resolving all these issues so that I can continue to use Brave.

Thank you,

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