October 8 without payment, why?

It’s already October 9 and they didn’t make the payment.
We would like you to at least provide information on what is happening, because it is not good to have us under this expectation.
Personally I can say that this situation makes me very nervous.

See Payout october 8, seems like payout was initiated only a few hours ago.

@caspervonb But why is this happening today? It is what I would like to know, to be told what happened, because they have been punctual throughout the year. This time what happened? We are a great community and we should all be informed.

No idea, I’m just a user, came here for the same reason as I’m sitting here watching BAT go to the moon on Binance, probably won’t get my hands on my BAT before it dumps again :frowning:

@caspervonb The most impressive thing is that in CoinMarketCap, BAT surpasses Dogecoin. BAT goes to the stars and they don’t pay us. This is desperate hahaha

Its paying now

Hi @butete @Quazar440,

As long as you are verified with Uphold, are able to login, and have a pending balance you should get paid out fine this month. If there are any problems, please contact me directly and I can help you get paid.