12.59 BAT not being paid out to my Uphold account for almost 2 years now

I have yet to get my Creator Rewards paid out.

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Creators payments will process on the 13th.

Yeah thing is, it has never paid out, in 2 whole years. Whenever payout was supposed to happen, nothing actually happened and it went back to processing payment info.


@steeven I have 9.26 batcoin , not paid, same error

It is connected, it just actually refuses to send out the BAT to my connected Uphold account.

I took this at around 4:30pm.

This was at 1:33am on the next day.

As you can see, my account is connected and the wallet is being shown as open on my Uphold account, but the Creators Program just doesn’t pay out the BAT and pushes it onto the next payout date.

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@steeven Is there a problem on your guys’ end or something? This has been going on for almost 2 years and I really just want my BAT to be paid out already.

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Great, nobody here is giving me any support. I’ll just switch back to firefox, since most of the mods refuse to help out with basic customer requests.

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