Haven't recieved full payout

Hi, I had about ~300 BAT in my creators account and verified with Gemini, of which ~133 was deposited on the 15th. I’m pretty sure the creators payouts are supposed to be complete by now, but I still have about ~167 BAT remaining in my account, and it’s been saying “payout in progress” since the 15th.

Thanks for any help.

did you get the remaining BAT?

same problem here only some portion of reward got into the wallet

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Same problem, admins don’t reply

The BAT that is given after 1st Jan will not be paid yet, wait till the next month payment.
If those BAT are from last month, like, you got 300 BAT on 31st Dec, and only got 133 paid, 167 was left, then PM the mod.

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