Creators payout status thread?


I started receiving tips only last month, so never looked for this before, but can anybody point me to the thread where the creators payout are discussed, and also do you have an idea when it roughly happens every month?


The creators payout starts around 13th each month.

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But will I receive my BAT this month is the question. I haven’t for months now.

Lucky you. My account is locked under revision. So much for helping people :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

To be fair, if that happened, it isn’t like you went without warning. Helping people bypass regional restrictions and KYC/AML requirements is against Terms. In some places, it border on actually being illegal too. If I remember right you were trying to have people send you tips and then you were sending back to them, all to circumvent restrictions that had been in place, right?

If your Creators is suspended, I’m not sure if they’ll activate it again or if they’ll uphold the suspension.

OK, let me break this down properly, because what you’re saying is actually not true:

  1. I posted here twice asking for help, advice, if I were breaking the T&C… whatever, just a piece of advice. The message was up for several days and no moderator replied with a precise answer. Everything were just uncertain opinions.
  2. Nobody was trying to circunvent any KYC. It’s a P2P exchange, like you give me ETH and I give you its value back in BTC. That’s what I was doing, getting BAT and returning liquid BAT, XRP whatever in a fully decentralized manner. Not sure why you’re referring to any KYC here.
  3. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but since you’ve mentioned this, the previous point #2 is a very direct consequence of the Brave project letting its users completely down. The sunsetting of the vBAT was announced last month, and there are posts of Uphold and Gemini not being available in certain regions for years… so it’s not a question that was gonna be solved in 30-60 days, and the responsibles for the decision know that. But OK, that’s not what I take issue with. My problem is with Brave giving users zero alternative to get their funds in some way. The only way is… yeah, get verified… which they can’t, of course. The same thing I was trying to do to help users, is something that Brave could have done very easilly, setting up a way to swap vBAT for liquid BAT directly to a non-custodial wallet. As simple as that. But they decided not to do it.

So yeah, in conclusion, I may be punished for helping users find a solution that Brave simply didn’t wanna find.

I understand that you spend here almost all day, but you accusing me of illegal activities and defending Brave’s decision and course of action is blowing my mind.

Sure you are. Can you say with 100% certainty that you knew who you were sending BAT or other currency to? Or that the wallets you sent to were places that went through KYC/AML?

Many countries are requiring certain checks to be done. Trying to set up a service where you mediate to allow people to bypass essentially can be seen as money laundering, among other things. Especially could get yourself screwed if just happened to be terrorists…even if it was just a small amount.

Doesn’t make it right to do. You agree with Terms in order to become a Publisher/Creator. Guess what one of them says:

  • (c) attempt to circumvent any content-limiting techniques we employ;

  • (g) manipulate, or attempt to manipulate, the Services in any way (including, for purposes of illustration only, by making contributions of money, requests or other inducements to Brave Rewards Users to favor or disfavor certain publishers, or by making manipulative or fraudulent referrals in our Referral Program, as defined in Section 19).

So those are under prohibited conduct. Asking people to tip you so you can send them money, as they are in regions which aren’t supported, would be a violation of both ends. You attempted to manipulate services to bypass restrictions.

You were answered. If you look, your topics have actually been removed a while back as well. The topics you have existing now are below:

I also clearly remember you editing one of your posts in the past after it was made clear to you, at which point you specifically said it was against Terms.

That’s the same as saying “I know they were too young to buy alcohol, but I was just trying to help.” Or walking into a store to grab a bunch of stuff and when you get caught, “oh, they told me it belonged to them. I was just trying to help.”

You can try to pass it off as good intentions all you want. It still comes down to the idea that it’s not allowed.

No, it would be punished for intentionally breaking rules to benefit yourself. You saw an opportunity to try to profit off of people. Anyway…just having to take your word for it that you’re suspended. If so, just saying it’s rightfully done. Though I’m sure you don’t really care, as I’m assuming you’ve already earned a decent amount of money from people through your “services.”

You’re clearly biased. But just tell me why a non-custodial wallet has to go thru KYC at all. Again, you give me ETH, I give you BTC. Actually a user asked me to send his swapped BAT to a fully KYC-ed Binance account. My account is fully KYC-ed, you’re sending a tip to me, then I can send crypto to whomever I want, non-custodial or CEX wallet, as simple as that.

Many countries are requiring certain checks to be done. Trying to set up a service where you mediate to allow people to bypass essentially can be seen as money laundering, among other things. Especially could get yourself screwed if just happened to be terrorists…even if it was just a small amount.

You’re truly delusional. What if you decide today to send crypto to a friend’s wallet and then he happens to blow up a building? Are you responsible for not checking if his NON-CUSTODIAL WALLET has been KYC-ed? KYC-ed by whom? It’s sending money to a non-custodial wallet! You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, and wanna frame it like I have to send my crypto only to whomever happens to be KYC-ed. Sending money privately to any guy over the internet to their NCW? Nah, screw that, you can only send your crypto to KYC-ed wallets, because Saoiray says so. You’ve lost touch with reality in your effort to defend your masters.

And no, nobody gave me an answer. What I needed was an official answer telling me “this is against T&C”, which nobody said. Everything was somebody’s opinion, just like yours right now, and unless you’re part of the team I don’t think you’re giving me any official information. The posts were edited and removed by me, because I know how this works: nobody gives you an answer, then they accuse you of breaking the rules… just like you’re doing right now, like a good attack dog.

But again, you’re biased, and you’re trying to justify the unjustifiable. Brave let down its users. Just take a look around in the fora, and see how many users are pissed and Brave gave zero alternative to cash in their funds… but it’s OK. They do have a plan in place to get 100% of those users’ funds back. Yeah, it’s all been well thought, and you keep defending it like a loyal doggy. Let’s just take another of your random quotes:

You keep avoiding commenting against your masters: just tell me why Brave decided to not swap its users’ vBAT. I guess it’s more lucrative to just let them rot away, then take their vBAT for free. The truth, which you clearly don’t wanna hear, is that this was a screw-up and a let-down with ZERO alternative to users. Keep telling yourself every day that Brave did the right thing. At some point you might even believe it’s true if you repeat it often enough.

And no, I have earned zero with my “services”. Was I gonna get a cut? Of course, just like Brave takes a 5% of the tip with no remorse whatsoever. Was I also trying to give users an alternative? True again. Too bad you see that as a bad thing. You remind me of one of those evil lawyers in the movies, always trying to find a legal breaking of the rules even if the cause is sincere and one’s just trying to help. Unfortunately I could help only 4 people: they got their funds back, but mine are still blocked, so to answer your assumption (assumptions can blow on your face sometimes), no I haven’t earned anything at all. At least, I can say I’m glad those users got their money back thanks to ME, not to Brave, even if I lost my funds in the process.

It’s funny that you’re against this “me helping people” only now, because you didn’t mind it a couple of weeks ago when a colleague of yours from this very forum asked me to swap your vBAT on your behalf.

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So… any status update on this? I still haven’t recieved my BAT. I’ve created a support… again.

Hi @Bizarrebra, if you haven’t already, please write in directly to We don’t handle suspended accounts on community. I’ll follow up with a DM.