Bookmarks Drop-down Menu MIssing

I just downloaded Brave and found there appears to be no way to have a button next to the search bar that makes a drop-down menu of the bookmarks appear. This should be a basic feature. For the time being I will be uninstalling Brave again until this is fixed and the browser becomes more functional.

you should provide more detail like what the platform you use the brave version and screen shoot

I am using Brave on a Windows 10 computer. The browser is Version 1.18.75 Chromium 87.0.4280.101. Attached is a screenshot of the feature in Mozilla Firefox that appears to be missing in Brave. Please fix this.

Hello @nothing

thanks for the info

not sure if that would make it better for you but you can click on menu then bookmarks
also you can show the bookmarks below the address bar if you like by going to brave://settings/appearance then show bookmarks

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Yes, one could go tot he menu, then bookmarks, etc., but it would be nice if it was a one-click solution from next to the address bar (for example where the button is to bookmark a site). One could also display the bookmarks below the address bar, but that clutters everything and takes up more vertical space than necessary. Still waiting for the new version to have a sensible bookmarks button next to the address bar.

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