Need to move bookmarks to tool/menu bar area

I do not like to see all my bookmarks taking up space at the top of my browser. I packed them all into a folder called “Bookmarks” and would like to move the folder up to the top where the home and make a bookmark buttons are. This way I can click to open easily without taking up room.

Can we do this?

Yes, I agree. Brave badly needs a dedicated bookmarks menu.

Absolutely. Right now, this is what mine looks like. Sad to waste the whole space when that file could go on the line above between home and the “bookmark this page”. In fact, it would be nice to be able to rearrange that whole line if we wanted to; i.e., put the Home button first on the line, etc. Should take a good developer about ten minutes to get this job done. I’m obviously having a hard time switching over from Firefox after using them for the last umpteen years.


They should create bookmarks menu on the right of the address bar.

P.S. You can simply pres ctrl + shift + B to show bookmarks bar only on the new tab page. Then you can access them everywhere with pressing “home” or “open new tab”

That is the not the same functionality as a dedicated drop down bookmarks menu.

Fastest and easiest way to access bookmarks: