November and December payment not received

Hello (@steeven),

Since I registered the uphold wallet in October I didn’t received any bat paiement from November and December month (around 200 adds opened…). Once again it says paiement due to next month without having received anything.

What’s the solution to fix this as I don’t seem being the only one with this trouble right after being registered in Uphold ?

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Technical details :
Key : valid
ID : dunno if I should post this here
Created : 21/05/2019 à 22:27:22

Brave 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Build officiel) (64 bits)
Révision 9407c80213cda69c2b7abcb4fa8e3f74488f4956-refs/branch-heads/4280@{#1807}
OS : Windows 10 OS Version 1909 (Build 18363.1256)

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Same problem with me.
Any help from somebody ?

Thank you

they will not help you, i have the same problem ,i have DM steve , but no answer

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Did you try to disconnect from the uphold wallet for a month to see if you’d received bat “locally” ?

Processing . . . January Brave Ads Payout Status :sweat_smile:

@Rdm2077 please DM your Wallet ID. Thanks!

Thank you for the help and DM done 6 hours ago “RE: November and December payment not received”

Same here. I didn’t get my December BAT paid on Jan 5th. Now it just says next payment Feb 5th.

Hello, did you check your DM to confirm the reception ?

Dude it can take an hour to hear back from Steeven or 10 days, but he will get back with you. He’s bombarded with messages. He put up with me a lot, but then again, I’ve been puting up with Brave a lot more. lol Seriously though, give him a couple days to get to your msg, and look into it. Unike some people, not naming name, he will do everything he can to get you taken care of.

Just want to be sure that he received it, not expecting to be treated immediately but at least confirm he got it. I know to well how support works (flood mailbox, tone of tickets, etc.)

Estimated payout has reset, and still no payment made. Month after month problems with this browser. I’m so tired of either not getting ads, or not getting the payment without having to go through the support.

Update :

Just saw something worse about this problem…

The problem is not that I didn’t receive the payment. The problem is that I didn’t receive the right amount which is in fact worse because it means that the account isn’t locked up / not in a given list or whatever but that there are serious issues with BAT payments.

Got 6 BAT for more than 200 hundreds adds opened in october and november. As for december less than 5 BAT for >100 adds.

My monthly expected amount right now is 88 ads for 47 BATS. It shows how anormal >100 adds in December giving less than 5 BATs is a problem.


@steeven any idea for this problem / similar report ?



To brave support:
I receive November and December rewards, but still don`t have this from August, September and October 2020.
If there is chance someone to help me in this ?

Thanks :slight_smile: