Still haven't received December payout

I’m still waiting on December’s payouts. I have a verified Uphold wallet, am in Canada, and use Brave across 3 devices. I have regularly received payments every month for the last year. Is there just a delay or an issue I’m not aware of? Please advise :slight_smile:


Im also from Canada and have a verified wallet on uphold. Ive recieved roughly 4-5 BAT for Oct 21, nov 21, but only recieved 0.45 BAT for Dec 21. My Brave wallet is empty as well. It looks like someone misplaced the decimal honestly.

Seems to be the case for many other users. I’m hoping this gets resolved soon!

They flagged my wallet for “irregular activity” so I lost all bat for Nov and Dec. They fixed the mistake but nothing can be done about those 2 months.

I still have not received mine too and the notice says they completed

Wow really?? What was the “irregular” activity?

How do you see that your account was flagged? Where would I find that?

Seems to be fixed. Bats or the rest of it if you have multiple devices and already got some for some of em are incoming via airdrop boys!

Brave never answered why but Gemini said the wallet is fine. Another person at Brave fixed the issue. Lost about 3 BAT for the 2 months and never got it back.

One of the Brave support guys messaged me after I reported a problem. It was a very sketchy situation.

I haven’t received the december payment, and still have the problem with ads in my android device, almost one year without ads

When you share or post an issue, dont believe anyone when they say their an employee. Sites with that style are the absolute worst. Sites like reddit, quora, etc

I oddly only received a tiny amout of my earned Bat to my Uphold…

1.4 Bat earned and for processing period…

Only 0.2 Bat sent to Uphold… over 300 ads viewed…

It’s not much and I’m really not concerned except for the fact that the system is not working as smooth as it has…

No auto contribute either as its turned off and none in logs…

Shame really as it’s been a great experiment/experience…

He’s verified browser support here at Brave.

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I haven’t received the December payment, and still have the problem with ads in my Windows 7 and Android.
I received November and January payment, but no December.
i setting 10 ads per hour but received only 11 in 10 day.
How to solve this ?

I join the boat to say that I did not receive any ad, so any bat since december on my macbook pro ! I am from Canada. Will check when I’ll have the time to see what can be done.

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