Missing BAT and did not receive payment last December and January

I have brave browser on multiple devices. 1 on my office laptop, 1 computer at home, 1 on my smartphone. All of them are connected to 1 Uphold account and suddenly one of them lost the BAT
that it accumulated. I don’t remember if it is my office laptop, computer at home or the smartphone.

I just ignored the missing BAT because this software is pretty good on blockings ads but the one thing that I will not ignore is the payment that I haven’t receive last December and this month. I know there was a topic created that the payment for January might still be pending, but how about last December? I did not receive any rewards on my Uphold account on any of my devices that was linked to it. My estimated pending rewards did not even move, it is supposed to be back to 0 because it will be transferred to Uphold as far as I know. Now the next payment date has changed to Feb 6 even though there was no movement on my pending rewards.

Kindly explain and help me. Thank you.

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Hi @fsnight, payments are still rolling out January Brave Ads Payout Status.

Let me know if you don’t receive your payment by tomorrow.

hey @fsnight

i just received my december payments 2 hours ago
" Funds received

You received 3.195 BAT from Brave Software International.

Visit your Uphold account to see your transaction details.

payout for December ad earnings"

and still waiting for my january payment check if yours arrived

Hi guys,

I already received my December payout earlier.

Thanks for the update.

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