Not getting AD notifications after trying several fixes from this forum

Hello, I just started using Brave a few days ago. Have to say, awesome browser you guys have here.

Anyway, i tried getting the reward system working, but so far I have never received any ad notifications.

I’ve read a few thread on this forum trying to solve the issue and used the tips in the to change settings in my OS, but unfortunately no luck so far.

What I have tried:

  • Disable all ad related settings on the browser, closing it and opening again;

  • Look at the windows notifications (see image below) and allow Brave to send notifications;

  • Activated my Uphold wallet to see if it helped;

  • Turned off/changed windows Focus assist settings.

Nothing worked so far. I noticed that I am however gaining some Bats every now and then, turns out that I am getting some because my Blank Browser Tab screen shows me some ads when I try to open one. Naturally I also tried disabling the ads showing on this blank page but still got no notifications.

Link to the images from my system, i didnt find any embed image option:

I’m sorry that my system is in portuguese-BR, so it might be a little harder to read.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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