Notice to all: device limit is gone!

Eureka, uninstalling and reinstalling after linking worked. Thank you once again for your assistance. Especially, the speed in your doing so.

It is not totally removed just increase their limitations

Total i link 13 browser after this it’s showing error device limit reached

Please check this matter

sorry i uploaded the wrong image i edited the image u can take a look

That’s not true. As you’ve seen others prior to you comment, some are experiencing issues and Brave is assisting in resolving. Some had this issue before even linking a single one. So don’t take your own experience and make assumptions in general.

I got a warning that you have reached the device limit when there are 10 devices, is there still a limit?

Just as prior comment said, no…there’s no limits. There are people having difficulty for unknown reasons and it’s being looked into. Create a ticket at so they can have your information and track it along with others to see if they can find out that’s causing the occasional device limit error.

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uninstalling and reinstalling worked, thank you

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Recently my friend also try to connect how much devices it works successfully…
He also noticed that 13 browsers successfully connected but after this it will not work showing device limits

Please check this issues

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