Brave Device Limit Reached - Still from december 2021 to May 2022

Hi wrote here earlier and you said that limit is removed in a month or some more. But here on 26 May 2022 but that limit is still there. I send a remove message but the problem cannot be resolved.

Hey, they said was aiming for today. There won’t be any update or anything when it’s done, it just will go into affect. So far they haven’t announced it’s in place yet.

The last official notice was:

And you mentioned it as May 26, but keep in mind that this is based in California in the United States where it is still May 25. 2022 and at the time of writing this, it’s 4:09pm.

Hopefully we have the team update us when they know. We are tracking it at

And if you didn’t see it…


So if you want to give it another try, hopefully should be able to get connected.

My account has been verified and the coins have been deposited into my account.
Thanks for the great info.

How many devices can I simultaneously win Brave rewards on from now on?
And are there any restrictions left?

At this point, they have completely removed the device limit. As long as people don’t abuse it and there’s no massive issues, I’m assuming it will remain that way. Just keep in mind they can and may implement limits again in the future though.

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