Dissapointed with Brave

I have same issue,didn’t receive my payment.From now what I see,they try to close all the topics regarding same issues as soon as possible.They use delaying tactics,because many of us will just forget about this opportunity,so their main objective is to have users with Brave browser downloaded and installed to their PCs without paying for that,as agreed.Here is my screeenshot again.


I am not paid half a year… Yes, topics of this kind they quickly cover (mine including). Technical support Absolutely ignores all this time.

Half year?OMG I hope you finished to promote their browser?Because if you still promote,this is crazy.What is the reason for not paying you?

Hi @stasys,

Thanks for writing in, would love to help. Can you PM me your referral code?

We only close threads if they are duplicates or if the thread was created by a Suspended account.

Thanks for your fast response.Unfortunately I cannot send PM ,because it is limited for a new users,I need to wait for a 3 hours.More over,one PM is awaiting to be sent to exactly you,since in on thread another guy closed one thread saying we can contact him and another guy ,what I immediately did regarding my issue.I did it yesterday,still got no answer.Here is referral code /sta285

but you can send PM,if your info will be sensitive.Thx,

Hi @stasys - thank you for sending your referral code. We are looking into this right now. CC’ing my colleague @cory.

It 's just that I thought they were honest to the end, and they just have some problems. But as we see, all their actions, it is one Huge NAEBALOVO! You will have to remove mounted videos from youtube.

I wrote to them in my face and probably already to every moderator. They are all new, and new, emerging, but no one ever bothered to answer.

2[p0gran],don’t be naive,different pics of people in front of the different nicknames doesn’t means nothing.It is possible this project controls only one or two same persons.
I uploaded last screenshot,where everyone can see only corrected stats ,but no payment made on or between 9th-10th Oct. Also,I didn’t get any suspension emails notifications,nothing,which I could protest.That says a lot about what is going on here.I am pretty sure I will not get any BATs,like many others.So I stopped promotion as soon as I realized that this company is not serious.

P.S. You can double click on screenshot to make it bigger.

As You can see,no one from Brave Inc. cares about their publishers.No emails from them,nothing.
I warn everyone do not work in advance,because you will not get paid !!

Hi @stasys - I am working with @p0gran in a PM.

As your dashboard indicates the next payment will be delivered as a part of the November 8th payout. No need to worry.