NOthing but problems with websites

I have tried and tried to use Brave browser but my frustration level with it has forced me to go back to Chrome. Even with Brave shields turned off websites refuse to load properly. For example Asus PRIME X470-PRO w/ DDR4 2666, 7.1 Audio, Dual M.2, Gigabit LAN, CrossFire / SLI - AMD AM4 Boards - Memory Express Inc. this page and site frequently times out in Brave. In Chrome it has no issues. Version 0.55.14 Chromium: 70.0.3538.54 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Works fine for me in Beta 0.55.14. It did take longer than expected to load but it took just as long on FF and Chrome as well:

Are there other examples that consistently hang or won’t load/time out?

I’m not trying to disprove/disbelieve or contradict you, only just showing my results which may help add to the explanation of the issue or eliminate variables, etc. That page loaded instantly for me, no problems at all. In fact I was blown away by how quickly it opened (faster than most pages). I middle clicked the link and by the time I left-clicked on the tab to display it, the page had already fully rendered. I’m also on build 0.55.14, all default shields up. I do have Brave opening with the --incognito switch so it was in an incognito window if that makes any difference. Using Win 10 x64 1809. I only have a 30 Mbps down/3 Mbps up cable internet connection.

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I even went into Brave and disabled all of its shields since I have script blocking and ad blocking extensions that I was using in CHrome installed also in Brave. Its just that using Brave pages which have no issue in Chrome loading seem to have issues in Brave. I am using a web browser for 18 hours day in my work and need to rely on it working. Perhaps its website having load issues here I don’t know.

It may be the website itself, I’m having no issues loading the page on Beta v0.55.14.
Here’s a short demo of me opening the page in Chrome (no issues) then opening it in Brave (no issues):

@fedup try clearing your browser cache. It could be trying to reload from the cache every time you try. You can also try a clean reload(Ctrl+Shift+R) which will make a request from the site rather than loading it from cache.

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NVM, mine was windows, different version.

Giving Brave another shot here. I have disabled all of Brave’s shields across all websites i.e. in the settings of the browser itself. Will see how well it behaves at that level before I try enabling any of the shields.

Did you read/try @sriram’s suggestion above?

Additionally, I’d asked if you had other examples of websites where you were experiencing this behavior. If you can provide any to me I’d like to test them on my end.

Yes I cleared the cache in Brave but that was several hours after I encountered the issue. Site loads fine now but do not know if it was a connection issue of some sorts or not. Another site was but that was last week and the inability to not be able to log into the site. It may be that Brave was by default blocking cookies from being set.

its mostly a cache issue. Glad that it worked. You need to restart browser after clearing cache for cookies to be set. This is a known issue and will be fixed soon. You can track it here