Not verified ads stoped than ads restarted? Not receive last months pay that was held?

My profile got flagged than I stopped receiving ads for whole month than they started back so I tried to verify my account with uphold and it got flagged again. But I still was receiving ads. I had about 20 something bat tokens almost would have been 100 total before payout. I got green message saying payment has arrived for two or three days and nothing happened?

What I said was wrong. Just confirmed from @Saoiray you shouldn’t get any ads. Also please specify what ads you are getting.
Waiting an official confirmation from a Brave official. It’s rare that this happens…

Plain and simple, just create a Rewards Support Ticket so Brave can officially investigate and help.

We can make all sorts of assumptions, but that doesn’t do anybody any good. Get that ticket in so you can get answers.

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Still waiting for support ticket to be answered.

@cjay Reply again on Monday, making sure to include your ticket number when you do.

Keep in mind that you posted on the 15th. I’m not sure when you might have created a support ticket. Brave Support doesn’t tend to work on weekends or holidays. Basically 5 business days have passed. No support on Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving weekend.

They should return Monday, so if you post there, maybe even tag Evan123 and/or SaltyBanana, and they may be able to check on the status.

Btw, I also want to make sure, you’re checking your email for responses and also are keeping an eye out on your Spam folder just in case, right? All replies to the ticket would go to your email.

Regardless of that I still clicked on them I still viewed them is this going to show up as a view for them? It says you may stop receiving ads that means maybe, Now a proper way would say you will not receive ads anymore until profile is unflagged. So is that a trickster question So why is that not fixed? What hoping someone who haven’t read before hopefully they will click ads?

  • You won’t be able to verify your Brave Rewards profile
  • You will not be able to earn from Brave Ads (you may stop receiving ads, and you will not be eligible to receive Brave Ads earnings payouts)

Oh, shoot. @cjay did they ever get around to helping you? I had told you to reply again because I knew we might forget about you. I’m seeing the reply today and wanted to check in on you. I’m hoping reason you hadn’t replied here is because they took care of you.

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