Have not recieved brave rewards in uphold wallet for almost a year

I have not recieved any brave rewards in uphold wallet which had been connected since early 2021, my last reward was recieved in dec 2021, I am not using a VPN and im on windows. Also I am not contributing to anyone else with my BAT earned

I think your rewards profile is flagged.
To confirm this, I need you to answer some questions.
Do you receive ads and do they count towards the current earnings?
Is your Uphold account still connected?

How do i check if my Uphold account is connected, but I am still recieving ads and it says that they count towards the earnings for the month.

does say this in integrations

Does it show the same in Rewards page? If it says verified over there then yes, you’re connected to Uphold. If it says unverified then you’re not.

Ahh well, that shows Approved websites / connections. It doesn’t show real time connection. It could show connected even if you’re not in Brave rewards.

It does say verified yes

Ahh then, I guess. You’re not flagged.
Therefore, I’ll suggest you to raise a ticket. Raise one here.

From there, Brave’s team will help you.

ok thanks for the help

I would open a support ticket for this: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431 They can check if you’re flagged, and you can ask about how you aren’t receiving ads/payouts.

It’s possible he connected to Uphold, and then was flagged after he connected to Uphold. In that case, he would still be in the “Verified” state, even though he’s flagged.

Oh is it ? I didn’t know this. Thanks for the info. I actually thought it’s automatically disconnected.

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