Farewell to brave ads! Heres my reason

My account not flagged!

Im seeing ads everyday, but the worst part is that I dont get paid for it. its been 3 or 4 consecutive months I didnt get paid. I make a ticket but no response,
I open a topic about it then they will tell you the same, either wait till payment is done or open a ticket.

“Congrats! Your December rewards have arrived!” I always see this but I didnt even claim any BAT.

Time to turn it off!!!

Good bye brave rewards!!!

I had the exact same problem, everything looked normal on my end but no payout for 3 months. I was flagged even though it didn’t give me the message saying so and I was seeing ads as normal. It took a lot of complaining here and on twitter, and working with one of their engineers to verify that I wasn’t trying to abuse the system. but I was eventually unflagged and received rewards properly this month.

If you have the will to continue you could try reaching out to bravesupport on twitter with your ticket #. I had better luck getting responses that way.

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It seems to me that if you’re flagged and won’t receive BAT rewards the ads should be automatically turned off. It’s not right to make you deal with the ads and then not compensate you. Sounds like it’s not so much flagged as shadow flagged.

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Or you could just go here to turn them off? :wink: )

If you know you’re flagged and won’t get a payment, sure. But that’s not the case for those posting in this thread. There was no notification they where flagged and wouldn’t get paid.

i just turned it off, not worth seeing ads but no payment

Never liked crypto, nft or ads. I tried brave ads for few months than got bored and and switched it on :joy: lol

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