Not Seeing Any BRAVE REWARD ADS (live in US)

I just downloaded Brave on mac, opted in, set ads for 5 per hr, but have not seen one ad in days since downloading. Any help?

@a3buster Thanks for reaching out! Could you let us know which country you live in?


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I have same I live china

@google Apologies, Ads are not supported in china. Currently Ads are suppoted for 5 Regions (US, UK, Canada, Germany and France). Right now Ads programming in a pretty early stage, we will be announcing additional regions supported in the near future.


I have a question about privacy.The Ads programming is by what gets my location? GPS or network?

@google Not only location, based on the IP + Locale criteria Ads will be served to user. If both conditions matches only then Ads will be served to user. For e.g If user Lives in US and Locale is set to English (India) - Ads will not be served. If It’s set to English (US) then Ads will be served based on (US+English(US).


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I am in the US…should be seeing the ads correct?

@a3buster Yes, US is ads supported region you should be able to see ads.


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Thats the problem, I am not seeing any. 06%20AM

I have been using the browser since Friday…got 1 “notification” but never saw the ad or anything pop up.

It says no activities yet…

PS - I am NOT using a VPN or anything that would get in the way right now.

@a3buster Please check the below post, I have mentioned the reason why you are not getting Ads notification popups.


@google Apologies, currently ads are not supported for China.


Thanks, but this is not helping. I am a MAC user in the US, NOT using a Vpn, but I have not seen one ad since downloading the browser. …

cc @kamil @LaurenWags for better assistance on macOS.

@a3buster - do you have Do Not Disturb enabled? (Navigate to System Preferences > Notifications and check your Do Not Disturb settings).

Also, if you’ve toggling Ads on/off you could be experiencing this issue:
Could you try restarting Brave and seeing if you get Ads after that?

Other problems you could be encountering:

  • The Ads catalog just doesn’t have Ads for the types of sites you’re visiting yet
  • Potentially this issue (depending on how you have your sleep/lock screen settings: (in this issue if your Ads catalog is older than 24hr, you will not get Ads. A restart of Brave fixes this.)


Thanks, that isn’t working either. I was thinking originally that maybe I just wasn’t on a site that opted into ads, so I went to Philip Defranco on Youtube and could see he is a verified creator and gave me an option to tip, but still not seeing any notification of an ad. Although now it says over the last 4 days I have received 4 notifications…but have actually not seen one ad personally. Weird.

Ok, I don’t know what I did, but now it’s working…thank you all for the assist!

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@a3buster - glad to hear it’s working now, thanks for reporting back. Wish we knew what fixed it :smiley: