Not getting any ADs yet, any suggestion?

Hello guys, im new here. I was searching for similar threads and i found a few but some of them didn’t had any answer yet.

Im using the latest brave version. And besides i set my region to US on Mac Os X, i still do no get any ads. Before setting the region, i got a message telling me, the region im living in, isn’t supported yet.

So i swapped region to US, and the message isn’t showing anymore, so i guess, it’s all okey. Im living in Spain at the moment, but my OS Region is set to America ( US ).

Any suggestion? Im using brave most of the time, but for some reason im not getting any new ad to check. Also im new, so im not sure if this is a normal behavior or is a little bug, or something is wrong with me. Anyways, thanks you and have a good day everyone.


Hi, thanks for reaching out.

Correctly only USA, Canada, UK, France and Germany regions are supported.
The reason why you don’t see ads is that you are located in Spain.

As you probably noticed changing OS region will not show ads when your actual location is Spain.
This is intentional.

Hope that helps.

Kinda sad. But thanks for the answer. Hope brave soon or laters allows more countries.

Have a good day and thanks you.


I live in Canada, Ive left a few messege on here. Still no aswer. Im Canadian, tech savy. MACOS, CANADA, EVERYTHING IS TURNED ON. YES to all the basic answers. After using my browser for 5-6 hours I saw 2 Ads, Made .08Cents, Donated 7$ haha of BAT I ADDED. I recieve 1 Ad every 2-3 hrs.
Also i find I only every get 1 Single Ad as soon as i start using brave, then thats it. Must close the bowser and computer and reopen to get another one.

Thanks, Ya its set to max. All the basic things I have done, just dont get anys ads. Im assuming they just dont have that many ads in canada. Since i left that other message till now i have still not recieved another ad. Yes i know the inactive thing, I know all the tricks and tips and i also know how to read the tutorial and FAQ haha. Only responses i get are non helpful, Im suppose ill just wait for Updates. It clearly works like I said just i only receive a ad every Blue moon, MAX 2 a day.

Curious as well. I use a VPN at all times when browsing and the majority of the time the VPN server is not in the US or CA. If it requires me to give my true location, then that’s a no from me… For a browser that pushes privacy, that would be very disturbing. But, we’ll see what they say.

Also, I haven’t received one ad or notification, day two.