Watch many Ads But Ad notifications received says 0


I’m from Vietnam,

I have Turned on Ads on Brave Rewards and also Watched alot of Ads on Youtube (they are not allowed to skip like normal Ads on other Browsers) for 2 days. But my Ad notifications received still 0.

Is it a little delay when the system counting my watched Ad or Brave haven’t pay Vietnamese user for watching ads?

If so should I turn off my Brave Rewards?

Thanks alot

@SoarKoHa first, Brave Ads is not available yet for Vietnam users.

Brave Ads is geo-restricted to US, Canada, German, France, and UK, for now. See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? and Please explain why ads are not available everywhere

I’m not sure why you able to enable Brave Ads. Maybe it’s a bug. cc @Mattches @gsarvadnya

And current type of Brave Ads is not shown on website. But it’ll appears as system notification. Likely you saw YT ads – the one from Google.

An example of Brave Ads (copied from blog post linked above)


@eljuno @SoarKoHa We can enable Ads switch for non supported regions. But, brave ads will not be served to user as catalog will be empty for non supported regions.


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That’s good to know. Thanks for the confirmation @gsarvadnya. I’m asking because on my end, it still show “coming soon”. :sweat_smile:

@eljuno Apologies. Let me elaborate a bit on the comments which I have posted above. For non supported regions ideally, Ads switch should not be available in Brave://rewards page. Also, ads not supported message should be displayed in Ads panel. But, in some criteria if the language is set to any of the ads supported locale then Ads switch will be shown but ads will not be served even if you turn ON the Ads switch. In order to see Ads both the conditions IP+Locale should satisfy

For e.g. For region “India”, if both Region and language settings are set to “India” and “English (India)” respectively then, ads switch will not shown and ads not supported message is displayed ( as shown in attached image) But, if I change the language to English (United State) and Region is still “India”, I should be able to see Ads switch and there won’t be any “Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region” message display as language is set to English (United State) which is one of the ads supported country locale.

If you’re seeing coming soon message on the latest version then it’s a bug.


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