Not receiving brave browser ad notification since i start using browser

I start using brave browser this early this month and not receiving any notifications!!! And Estimated earnings this cycle is still 0.00BAT0.00 USD. I need help on this. And I am using brave from Mongolia. Is it why brave won’t support Mongolian users?

regarding Begjan

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@Begjan Apologies, Ads are not supported for Mongolian. Currently, Ads are supported for only 5 countries ( Canada, US, UK, Germany, and France).


so much time i lost to creating this account and other account that related to brave browser. So, if its only for “Canada, US, UK, Germany, and France (VIP) countries service” why you just ban other countries for make sure they are not gonna use it? so much miss understanding you need make official videos where you explaining to many people not to use it because google chromo is still good browser i stop using it because of someone told me to use brave broser!!!

@Begjan I agree there is no announcement made that Ads are enabled for 5 Countries. But nowhere we mentioned Ads will not be enabled for Mongolian. In the near future, we will be announcing additional regions supported. Please make a note that Brave has a lot of other good features which chrome doesn’t have. You can’t just decide Brave is not good as Ads are not supported for your region.

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