Not recieving BAT rewards for viewing sponserd background image

i am not getting paid for seeing the sponserd images in brave before 4 days it was working but now i tried sevral times with e toro , spider tanks etc but nothing paid me i am only getting paid for popup ads
please help my guys ! with your precious replies

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I’m not getting even paid for pop ups, on my desktop. And the counter also in not increasing. When I click on the 7 days history link, it shows the ads I viewed, but the counter is still at 0.

On your left hand side are your phone or your computer you’re going to see your head up a little line and Little Triangle try to go to the little head first and see if the notifications of the ads are they come out when you go to a different page

Hi! unfortunately, it seems to happen to many (myself included). It must be that they are in adjustments and therefore days and days go by without changing the score of bats received. I believe that the gratification should be constant, sustained over time and the same for everyone regardless of the region of the world where they are. well that’s what i think :money_mouth_face:

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