Brave Rewards is stuck, and it is not increasing (despite of ads showing)

I have enabled ads, and I was getting brave rewards successfully until 2 days ago, then
suddenly, brave rewards are not increasing despite of ads being viewed and everything.
Can you help me with this problem?
FYI…I have not installed anything or done anything with the browser or the widows OS. Everything was fine till 2 days ago, it has just stopped and got stuck there.

Nos esta pasando lo mismo

@Shreyank Apparently, there’s an issue where you receive bat from pop-up ads, but sometimes not from sponsored images (when you open a new tab). Idk why, though.

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I’m not getting ads and bat’s from sponsored images since 17th of December, as you can see here.

If your wallet is verified, maybe your wallet was wrongly flagged and when that happens you do not receive ads and do not get bat’s from sponsored images (it already happened to me in the past). Do you use vpn?

Let’s see what support team says.

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