Not receivng BAT for sponsored images since last saturday

Since last Saturday, the BAT counter doesn’t increase when I see a sponsored image every 4th open page. I checked also the 30d ads history and sponsored images are not counted anymore. I still receive BAT from notification ads.

This happened both on my desktop PC, my laptop and my wife’s PC. To be clear I still see sponsored images, but no reward is given.

-I’m not using VPN and I also checked if in my region there are sponsored images

-I’m using the latest version 1.30.89 under Windows 10 (all three PC)

-Everything worked fine up to last Friday

-My region is Italy (IT)

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Just a quick update: everything is back to normal this morning, though I’d really love to know what happened these past 3 days

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Welcome to the community!
Most of the time you will find that it is only a matter of a system maintenance

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for the welcome as well. Much appreciated. :grinning:

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