Not receiving ads at all and have not received BAT accumulated during December


Recently I have stopped receiving rewards and this has been going on for a few weeks. I looked up something to help me and so far everything from my side seems okay (Push notifications, FA, ad settings).

There is another issue I have. This January I have not received the BAT rewards that I made for December.

Could you point me to a way to fix it/prevent it from happening again?

Hi, U have to copy this link brave://rewards-internals (and put on new page bar) , and send ur wallet payment ID to an moderator (tell the problem) ur wallet could be flagged ( I had the same isue with it) what the reason could be that u cant farm/earn bats

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Did you get the december payout? Because i did not

Send an moderator an DM with ur problems

I did but got no response after 10 days

send matcches an dm, by the way maybe it can take longer cause lot of windows users got an isue maybe from the new windows version

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