Not recieved my BAT from anywhere! both from the browser and from the publishers!

Issues i am facing are listed below:

  1. i have 24.15 BAT pending for this month to be transferred to my wallet from my publishers account, which is verified with my uphold account.
  2. i have some BAT in 2 of my browser’s wallet, i have uphold account already verified, but i still have not received my BAT in my uphold account.

i am using windows 10, brave v 1.11.104.

Hi @Utkarsh.chadha - thanks for writing in. Payments for ads are still precessing and are soon to begin processing for publishers. You can track their progress here - Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020, and MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support.

pleaseeeeeeeee, im still waiting for it :frowning:

Not received Bat for uphold account

yes and I also haven’t received it after two months have passed?

you can watch the thread here [Unpaid July Payments by Brave] (will be paid in August) and help each other thank you.


From which country are you from? is it included from countries that stop their refereal program?

yes sir, and too many people with same issue

will it pay my friend? income from the past few months?

we had a same trouble here, and im trying to ask with @steeven and he said all earning will be paid in this august

@steeven already said that the payment has already started for publishers. may be it is processing cause it is a large list of transaction

have you received payment to uphold?

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