I did not get the payment from Brave publishers BAT to Uphold What should I do?


@Asad @chriscat @eljuno
hello administrators

First of all thank you very much and I congratulate you for this project

My publisher payment to uphold did not arrive
What should I do?

I have my uphold account verified since October 2017

I am a youtuber and I have many followers who have told me that their BAT deposit has arrived, but mine has not.

And I have many confirmed references that prove it,
82 confirmed. I support the project correctly.

I have everything correctly in my publishers account.

They are so kind and can tell me what I should do.

Thank you very much for your help and time.
Happy afternoon



Why is half the amount of money I’ve earned from advertising in brave sent to my uphold account?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:
What about the rest of Bats?:disappointed_relieved:
all of my rewards was 998 Bats,But only 471 Bats have been deposited to my uphold account:tired_face::unamused:
even My friend, who has 20,000 bats from his advertising didn’t get any bat in his uphold account.:no_mouth:
Does anyone have any idea about this problem?:thinking:
Thanks a lot:rose::rose:


my guess something is wrong with distribution, i didnt get any either

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