Publishers Payout Megathread: August 2020

Brave Publisher Payout Status : :red_circle: Completed.

This thread is intended for feedback, questions, and issues regarding this month’s publisher payout.

If your payout is missing, late, or incomplete, please do not make a new thread! Instead, post in here and a Community member or moderator will get to you shortly.

Before posting, also look over these common causes for missing/partial BAT payouts:

  1. Your BAT balance was under the 5 BAT minimum threshold for payout.
  2. Some or all of your BAT balance was credited during the freeze period (the 1st-8th of every month). Any BAT credited to your account between the 1st-8th of the month will instead be paid out to you in the following month’s payout.
  3. Your Uphold account was not linked to your Creators account, lost connection to your Creator’s account, or was linked too late. Your Uphold account must complete verification by the 1st of the month in order to qualify for that month’s payout. For more information about Uphold verification, check out the Uphold Verification Guide

Are payouts still processing? Although Brave creators payout transactions begin on August 8th, it may take some time to fully process the large list of transactions. You may therefore see other users receiving their payouts before yours arrives. The team will keep everyone updated about payout progress (see above or below ). If the payout period has fully completed and you have not received your payout, post below and we can help you!

August payout report
I have about 20 bat in my account but why in my brave publisher account its showing Payout Report in Progress
It is now August 8th, Awaited payment from last July has not been received by uphold's wallet
Delay? Already 8th of the month!
Seems there won't be any payouts in August as well (Creator)
When Will Creators/Publisher Payout Start This Month? 8th or 10th?
Still The payout report is currently generating?
First Month as creator with Verified Uphold since Feb 2019? (PAYOUT NOW RECEIVED)
When payments to publishers begin
August Publisher Payout Error?
They are done generating payout report but I is still not get my rewards. sad hope someone help me
Can anybody explain this
Problems of brave browser
Today the 9 august, i received only a small amount of my BAT on my uphold account
Bat Points not reflected in brave publishers
Did anyone get publisher payment to Uphold? Just asking , I know about megathread
[Unpaid July Payments by Brave] (will be paid in August)
Brave rewards not appearing to uphold
My bat doesn't come on my unphold account
Is this normal because it already August 9
-Payment report- How long should I wait?
Payout report is currently generating. Please check back later. This is the 8th of August. please somebody help?
It Is Already August 9 and i haven't received my payment for creators
Jule and August Payment Not Received
I did not recieved my payment from month of july to august 8,2020
Creator Payout problem
Brave rewards not get in uphold
August 8th no payments. Payout is
Payout Sep.... 2020
Still Waiting on Creator/Publisher Payout
Has Anyone Received The Payment For Publishers Of August 2020?
[Unpaid July Payments by Brave] (will be paid in August)
Because I have not received my payment :(
Are the payment processing yet or finished?
Are the payment processing yet or finished?
When we get paid, August 10th is Almost Over [Publisher and Creator]
Payout Progress Amount * 10.63 BAT In Progress
No payment [Again!]
No payment for two months
Not received BAT for July and August
Fund transfer to uphold wallet
The payout report is currently genereting. Please check back leter
It Is Already August 9 and i haven't received my payment for creators

Payments will begin processing soon.


Hi all :slight_smile: Payments have started processing. Thank you for your patience!


Good morning all :slight_smile: payments are still processing. Thank you for your continued patience :slight_smile:


Just a quick update that payments are still processing.


All Uphold payments have completed. If you did not receive your payment please DM me the email connected to your account. Please be patient and allow time for me to respond. Thank you.


Hi all - I am currently working through my DM’s, and will be until tomorrow. Thank you for your patience. If you’ve sent me a DM and have not heard back, I will respond as soon as I get to your ticket. Thank you!