I have not received my bat since august

Hello. i am not getting angry because no one is helping from brave!!! I am using brave browser for a while now. There is 3.80bat stuck in my brave publishers account since july 2019. Also i have november earning brave ads didn’t added to my uphold on november 5th. now its showing december 5th. what is going on? i will attach 3 pics files related what i just said in my topic so lazy brave mods pls stop asking again my browser version.


my current browser version
Version 0.70.122 Chromium: 78.0.3904.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

give me answer fast.


For your publisher payout, IIRC, there’s a 5 BAT minimum requirements. Your BAT will stay on your publisher account and you’ll not lose it.

For your ads earning, I’m not sure about that. Let me cc @Mattches @steeven on this.

It looks like it says Payout in progress right there. Everything seems fine

I just wake up and checked my brave ads earning from last month that i didn’t received in November 5th its gone now, why? now i have only 0.30 bat now pls check this uploaded screenshot Mattches. You guys could send it to my uphold account but not resetting my earning from October brave4

it’s soo sad what you guys doing

uhh, i am waiting someone who going to reply my previous comment on this subject. please read my previous reply. thanks

Did you not get a notification in your Rewards Panel to claim your Brave Ads grant?

No, i did’nt receive any grants since last 25.7 bats

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