Not receiving proper ads and rewards

Hi guy, I have always been actively participating in ads and also have 5ads p.h on. But i haven’t been getting 5 ads per hour and also not all the ones i click on even count. I only get 7 to 8 ads for a whole day and when it i comes to rewards i only get 0.5 - 0.7 bat for a whole month. Can someone please tell me why this is the case? any help would be really appreciated guys.

5 ads per hour is the MAXIMUM, not the minimum. You aren’t guaranteed a minimum number of ads. Also, you don’t have to click on any ads to receive credit. The number of ads you receive per day depends on the region you’re in, and how many ad campaigns are available for that region. Advertisers set the amount of BAT per ad (Brave doesn’t set that), and when the price per BAT was high a couple of months ago, the BAT per ad went down (marketplace economics).

For the new-tab ads, you receive BAT for at most four of those per hour. Any additional ones you see will not give you BAT credit.

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