Is it 10 ads/ hour or 10 ads/day?

I have selected 10 ads/hour option but i recieve only 10 ads/day!!!
pls look into this matter

Well, that setting will not be followed everytime specially if there is limited ads for your region.
you may check it here:

That is only a desired setting, but whether you receive that quantity of BAT will depend on your region.

E.g. If I lived in Wakanda and only 2 advertisers wanted to advertise to Wakandian warriors, then I will only receive ~2 ads/hour even if I had selected 10 ads/hour.

Usually only US or Canadian users will get 10 ads/hour.

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@carrignon @IanMoone can we open the links which we have got from advertisers again and again(i mean evry minute) and increase our BATS?

NO, clicking the ads is not a requirement to receive BAT rewards. This was stressed by brave team before. Therefore, clicking the link again and again has no effects.

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