BAT not credit after received ads.. Frequency also lost

Sir, @steeven
Ads received. But after show ads no BAT added in my reward section. And also not receiving ads with good frequency… My friend who live in near my house, he get more ads and more BAT for a ads. But after living same location i didnot received so much ads and also not BAT so much.
Now the day its very hard to collect 1 BAT in a month… after that And the upper side BAT is not added properly after received ads .

My friend get 3-5 BAT in a month from ads. Also get more ads.
But after Much uses of brave browser from him i just get 1-2 bat In a month from ads…

Any solution for it??

Shall I reinstall brave browser again?

I’m facing the same problem, i hardly get 1 or 2 ads in a day even though i surf the browser all day.

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Same bro. But my friend who live near my House , didn’t use browser so much as like me… But he get 15-20 ads per day, and also receive ads reward for a ads.

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