BAT rewards BETA

In the BETA version of Brave, I received the ads correctly at the first and now a days the ads are not given properly. At first day I received the ads as I opted (5 ads per hour) and now for the past 2 days I’m receiving only 3 to 4 ads per day but I am using the browser for nearly 8 hours a day.
I think so this bug will not be received by you guys in the crash report.
So I’m reporting you guys here.
Kindly do check my report and correct the bugs
Thank you

This is maximum ads per hour not that you will get 5 ads

Please note that this setting is a ceiling rather than a floor. That is; it does not dictate how many ads you will see per hour – it dictates the maximum number of ads you may see per hour. This number will always fall between 0 and X, inclusive.

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That’s okay. Totally fine with ads number. But why they decreased reward amount from 0.05 BAT to 0.025 BAT per ads. That’s not good for Brave.

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