Not receiving BAT after viewing and clicking on ads

After a day using Brave, I stopped receiving BAT for clicking on ads. I earned 0.15 on the first day and nothing since. Thought this is because of certain ads, but no, viewed them 3 different and still no additional BAT went to my wallet.

I’m using the latest version, on Windows (64-bit).

Hopefully, this gets resolved soon.

Hello @arpi575

could you send screen shot of the ads you see that does not count

and what is your brave version and your windows version


Windows: 10-64 bit

I couldn’t find the other one, but it’s name was

this are the sponosor image ads

please check this one I watch Ads but no estimation BAT - #4 by justsomeone1

hope it help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


For the first two points, I should be good.

More than likely that it’s a problem with the countries, although, I haven’t seen on that list, and that sponsor ad gave me BAT the first day.

Hello @arpi575

you welcome this one updated every 30 min so when you see ads check this link to confirm if it ill count or not

Thank you for clearing it up for me!

I guess there is no chance to see only the ones which are targeted for my location.

you very welcome

this one show you the one target your country

i meant it update every 30 min that mean it change so maybe today nexo target you but tomorrow it does not

Yeah, I understand, but I don’t get them as sponsor image ads, and since the first day I don’t get any ads in my notification tab (I got 2 on my first day, and And if I click on any of these on BraveSampson, I don’t get BAT for it.

This also started happening to me today. I’ve been served a few different ads on the new tab screen that have not increased my BAT total.

Same issue here. Not increasing on any of my devices and happening only today. So, definitely nothing to do with Must be a bug which needs to be fixed.

No credit for the latest 5 on this list and this is just on one machine btw. The same happened across 3 other machines and all only today. Was all fantastic before today.

Brave is up to date
[Version 1.22.70 Chromium: 89.0.4389.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Runs on Windows 10 64-Bit

the sponosor image display to everyone even for those who not targeting but they consider to change that behavior in future update not sure when

your get bat for view sponosor image click or just view does not matter

@Sreeselva @GrammarError

did you checked this

I already checked this and that is definitely not the case with me. Some glitch for sure.

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I’m having the same issue as of today. I was on my MiniPC (latest stable build, W10 x64) and was getting ads, however it wasn’t updating the total number of ads received on the last 7 days, as well as the estimated rewards value. The ads do show up on the last 7 days list but the number of ads received as well as the rewards value isn’t reflecting that. I’m now on my main computer (latest beta build, W10 x64) and have already got a couple sponsored images as well as push notification ads, and none of them counted as well. They show up on the list of received ads, however the ad counter and rewards do not update, it’s as if those ads didn’t count, just like it was happening on my MiniPC.

Edit: The total ads number as well as the estimated rewards seem to have updated now, however I believe I had 176 ads received and now I have 178, so it seems that 2 of them didn’t count (my guess would be the sponsored image ones, both by Will pay more attention on the upcoming ones to confirm this.
Edit2: Something is really wrong with it as it now just reset to 0BAT estimated earnings. Haven’t received any new ads ever since and can confirm sponsored images were not counting towards the earnings.

Fresh update: It worked on one of my machines. Just checked today and it was all updated on one of my machines. However, not on the second machine. Will check the others and update. So, definitely a technical glitch and nothing to do with ‘

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