I watch Ads but no estimation BAT

When I watch Ads on my PC (windows) , my estimation BAT dont move. I sinc my PC and my mobile. There is no problem with my mobile but i win nothing with PC ( my setting rewards are ok)

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could you send screen shot of the ads you see

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I click but nothing…

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this is called sponosr image ads and here are the rule for it

  1. there a max 4 per hour even if you see more than that it will count only those 4
  2. 20 per day and even if you see it more than that it will not count it more
  3. now for the thing i guess it affect you that not cause you see this image it will count it depend on what the advertiser choose to whom (which country) they want to promote so if you are not from those country it will not count also

to know which ads for your country check this one https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

check each one if it’s type say new tab page then it’s the sponosor image

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


This issue is happening to me on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) while on my Windows machine is behaving as expected. It has nothing to do with the number of ads shown per hour at this point. On Linux, it is only counting the notification ads, but not the new page sponsored ads.

could you share screen shoot for both the ads and your catalog that show this ads from your catalog

Here is a new tab add. These don’t count towards the Brave Rewards shown on the card. I’m not sure what is the “catalog” you mention.

And here is the screenshot from the Catalog (as you can see, it should count):

this the catalog i meant

also notice that the link in the ads in the sponosr image should match the link in the catalog

check those

Screenshot from 2021-04-10 20-27-47

so the fortified will count cause it match one of the ads in the catalog

For what I can see, they all match, but still no rewards.

This happens with all the new tab ads. I’m in Finland, and using Ubuntu 20.04.x

could you send me screen shoot of the ads in the new tab you get and image on that ads in your catalog

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