Not receiving Ads and I can Assure that I am not using a VPN :)

I use Brave browser daily it is my main Browser and I am experiencing this problem since the last update I don’t receive any ads I already tried my best to fix it but none :slight_smile: hopefully you can fix this problem as I can see many users are complaining that they aren’t receiving some Ads for the day.

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If this have been happening since the last payout (2 updates before the actual) is an already known issue. Actually they are improving their workflow so this can take a little bit to be fix.

Please read:

Since the issue mention with logs got detected when recolecting data to fix this problem (the log data bug is already fix).

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is it already fixed ? what should I do?

No. Last month until now several users are reporting no ads since last payout. This is affecting Windows and Mac users.

As for now a fix has not been release.

A couple of weeks before today the problem scaled up so the admins began to ask for users logs to help them track the error and solve the issue, but they had to stop this (and the main fix) due to another problem, the logs from users had personal info due to a leak on an API. So to preserve users privacy, well the fix has been postponed, actually they are creating a new specialice plataform to report this type of issues.


Thanks for the help I already took a screenshot of my Balance and Save the picture in case i loose some of my BAT Tokens because many users are reporting they are loosing some BAT Tokens

Your welcome.

And yes, that’s another issue going on, actually there is a list, here it is if you want to get informed:

As for now, i think the admis will finish the new plataform and workflow before giving specialized support for those type of cases.


hmm I only have 3 devices connected but my old phone is broken and now I only have my 1 phone and 1 computer so should I still received my payment?

You are asking for your eanings on your old phone?

Well, i really can’t give a sure answer, but in practice, if the phone was linked with Uphold, technically it should received the payments

nope, there is a maximum 4 devices that are connected and i already connected 3 devices in that case I can still receive Ads and make a pay out? but only 2 devices are active

If your devices are linked to uphold, the most probable situation is that, even if one of those is broken, you will still receive your earnings.

But like a say, is the most probable to happened.

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I am quoting this one “Any verified wallet or connection to an Uphold account past 4 will not receive Brave Ads payouts, and existing BAT earnings will not be transferred over. In these cases, the BAT will remain in the browser only.” so i must maintain my connected devices into 3

I’m not getting you.

The actual limit is 4 devices, if you have 3 you still have a space left for one more.


it should not past more than 4? thanks again lol

Like you already quote lol.

You can have only 4 devices connected to uphold (for now until the developers develop something new).

If you ad a 5th device, this 5th device will not have any payout by the end of the month, you are only going to be able to use your BAT on uphold to tip creators.


Now my mind is clear thanks!

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