Not receiving any Ad notifications at all!

Hey there, I’m not receiving any ad notifications at all for last 16 hours or so. moreover, it seems like the BAT rewards are not being counted properly. Can anyone explain what’s going on? Similar problems have been going on for couple of weeks now :neutral_face:

Hello @cryptomagi

Check if you have VPN enabled?
Also, check if your browser is the latest version V1.19.76

I have the latest version. and yes, I do have VPN enabled because I’m an activist and in my country you can even get killed if they find you out if you are up to something

however, I’ve been using brave with VPN for months now it never created any problems, such problems started to happen for last 10 days or so

I see. Well… according to Brave/BAT t&c, you wont receive or you will have problems with ads being sent to you if you use VPN. This is for security and relevance of their ads campaign structure.

I presume the old versions of brave browser was not able to pick up some VPN connections. So, a lot of people who were using VPN’s started having problems after upgrading to the latest version.

Apart from that, brave monthly reward statistics are all messed up. I did receive some BAT on my uphold wallet but the numbers they are showing in the browser makes no sense at all.

I hear you, but preventing the cause is better than curing it. Try disabling the VPN, let’s see what that can do to the problems you are facing, Also read their terms of use, and FAQ’s relevant to you.

I’m pretty sure it’s normal @cryptomagi. See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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