Why i am not getting / receiving any ads from brave?

@steeven and other developer brothers,
i have a issue. i am not getting / receiving brave ads . so that i can not get any reward .
can you tell me what happen?
both of my android phone and windows pc has same problem.

my brave browser updated
i am from ads and rewards supported country (India)
5ads/h maximum ads limited set up is ok.

brave ads enable.

everything is ok. but not receiving any ads .

please help me.


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Not working please check what happened from end

why? i don’t get my solution. so please wait

I was getting adds no problem for the first 3 days, I synced my windows pc to two android phones and adds stopped completely for all 3 devices, I even broke the link and cleared cache and reinstalled, still no adds, 0 for 2 days now going on 3, please help

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same problem but not sync

@JohnDproof Stop spamming this many of us is not getting ads and no team mambers are replying. Our issue is not related to this what you have posted. I have seen you posting this many times we all are using brave for long time we know this.


this happens to me sometimes… i clear my browser history and then i usually start getting ads again.

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ok bro thank you. i have to try it.

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Not working I installed fresh brave browser on my kids desktop but only got sponsored images no ads…

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same problem. brother… dont know what happen

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maybe you’ve got R1 error and NOBODY want to solve this problem, there is many topics about it and no solution :frowning:

What is R1 error can anyone tell?

I have this problem since more than 1 month, not BAT but now it’s my bat and someone doesn’t want to give me it :frowning:

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