I did not receive my payment this month

Hello, May I ask for a support because my brave rewards was not send to my uphold account. thank you very much.

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Hi @kenn100

The payment have started yesterday and may take some days.
May i suggest you some patience?

Have a nice day.

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Me neither, I havent received payment today.

hi i think they are processing the payment

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Me neither but payments are still continuing. I will wait for 1-2 days if i don’t receive any payment I’ll message them about it.

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Yeah. We should wait a little bit.

Same here and i did not get any option to "claim rewards " will i get my all bats ?
Can we get clear information for brave ?
There should be 2 payout days in a months(if any brave official reads this please take a note about it because last time i did not received all bats only few of them That’s why i need to wait 1month and this time i did not get any thing :sob::sob::sob::sob:)

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