Not getting any BAT on Windows

Since october 22 I’m not getting any BAT when viewing sponsored images in Brave on windows 10, while I still get them on my Ubuntu laptop linked to this device.
I have the latest version on both devices, and my wallet is verified with uphold.

Maybe you can try disabling an extra adblocker you got installed (I do not mean to the one that Brave already has, i mean if you got other installed like Adblock plus). You can try going to Brave rewards (brave://rewards) and modify the adds they show you per hour to the max.

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Tried to disable Adblock+ and nothing changes. I don’t think it could be a problem since I had it when it worked too. (I alredy have the frequency to 10/hr which is the max).

Looking at the Rewards.log file it says something like:

[06 nov 2021, 10:05:04,6] Failed to get signed tokens

for every time it loads an ad.


Am I the only one with this problem?

Common adblockers should not hinder you from recieving ads. I personally use AdBlock Plus, Adblock and uBlock Origin. And I amassed

this much the last month.

What helped me regarding sponsored images was setting my device region etc to the country I am in. I used to have my windows region on US. And I frequently had this issue. When I turned it to Germany, I had it less.
You could try that.

Also, cleaning the Browser cache regularly helps aswell.

The country is always been set to my actual country. Tried clearing the cache, changing region to US (nothing) and then back to mine (still nothing). It used to work fine until october 22, now it’s only broken on windows.

Ok I think I got what the problem is. There’s a limit of 4 devices linked to the same uphold account. I recently got a new phone and somehow I lost access on the PC (it didn’t tell me until I resetted my rewards, and now it doesn’t let me verify the wallet with Uphold again).

Is there no way to unlink a device, even if it’s an old phone, or at least check the linked ones in Brave or Uphold?
A staff member answer would be appreciated.

Found this “solution” (it only removes one device apparently). I’ll try it later on my laptop to see if it works.

I filled the form about 2 weeks ago and I still can’t verify my wallet.
I didn’t receive any response by e-mail either